Staff from a Leigh school have banded together to write a poem encouraging students to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Roy Evans, assistant principal and year 11 leader at Belfairs Academy, narrated the Stay At Home poem, which was written by media technician Becky Davis in an attempt to keep pupils safe in their homes during the pandemic.

The poem, which has hit the school's social media sites, read: "Please follow this one simple rule, stay at home while you're not at school.

"It'll keep you safe, it'll stop the spread of this horrible virus that's reared it's head.

"You'll still have lessons and work as well, just like a school but without the bell.

"Your teachers will be there night and day to mark all the work that you send their way.

"But you must stay at home for now at least, till the NHS can tackle this horrible beast.

"Stay at home, please remember that phrase, as this will lead to sunnier days.

"Keep washing those hands, soap or gel, this will keep you safe, this wil keep you well.

"So please stay healthy and follow the rule, because we can't wait to see you when we go back to school."

Bev Williams, chief executive officer of Legra Academy Trust and principal of Belfairs Academy, said: “I cannot tell you how proud I am of my wonderful staff and how they have responded to this national crisis.

“Despite the incredibly challenging conditions, which we all face, they are valiantly maintaining their focus on teaching and learning, ensuring all pupils are engaged and challenged until we can get them back into the classroom.

“The video and poem are just delightful. They are wonderfully creative ideas in engaging young people in such a colourful way while, at the same time, ensuring the key public health messages are heard loud and clear for both pupils and their families and the wider community.

“Many thanks to Becky Davis who wrote it and Roy Evans, who presented it.”

She added: "As you’d expect, the Trust has been planning around this scenario for a number of weeks but our relentless determination to maintain pupils’ routine is clear. We are also ensuring visibility of teachers who set work, answer questions and mark work via online platforms to keep young people switched on to learning.

“Thank you to all our staff, and all those teachers and support staff around the country who are working so hard under such difficult circumstances.”