BOSSES of a family-run shop are fearing for their future after mindless crooks ransacked the business.

Pulse Car Audio, in London Road, Hadleigh was targeted by thieves who stole stock worth thousands of pounds.

Now, the family behind the firm say it could ruin them.

In a Facebook post a spokesman said: “My husband’s shop Pulse Car Audio in Hadleigh got broken into, with them stealing thousands of pounds worth of stuff.

“This is such a hard time for small businesses and something like this could destroy a shop that’s been in Hadleigh for years.

“We are looking for CCTV footage now for exact times and details of the event and the police are being contacted.

“Please if anyone knows or saw anything get in contact with me. Please share. Someone must have seen something.”

The post has been shared dozens of times and was met with fury from other residents.

Community leaders also blasted the criminals as having “no inkling of life”.

Bill Sharp, Conservative councillor for St James’, said: “I think that it’s a disgrace that people feel in these very difficult times they can make worse for these people who are making a life for themselves.

“The family and firm are also trying to assist the community and I find it so distasteful that people can do this to them.

“My thoughts are with any victim of burglary or mugging, especially at this time.

“I find it all very frustrating, we must also remember these crooks could be spreading about the virus by breaking into this shop. Knowing the people of Hadleigh, we will all pull together and do what we can to support this firm.”

Mr Sharp said this couldn’t have come at a worse time for the small business.

He also urged people in the town to help and keep using the shop, as and when it is appropriate.

The Tory councillor added: “I hope the business can rebuild and survive this and that police catch the perpetrator very soon.

“I’d like to see a judge dealing with them and pass a long prison sentence as it’s the only way they will learn.”

An Essex Police spokesman confirmed an investigation has been launched after the burglary on March 19. No arrests have been made. Call 101 with information citing 42/43437/20.