ANTI-SOCIAL yobs created night-time havoc for residents, waking them up and vandalising their cars.

A resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, was outraged to find that her neighbour’s car had been damaged overnight when it was left in their residential car park on Larkspur Way, Laindon.

The 23-year-old woman, who was woken up by a group of teenagers riding up and down the road on a moped, said: “Tuesday night from about 11.45pm we were hearing loud noises outside our window. It was going on for quite a while so I looked out and saw two boys - one was fiddling about with something at the bottom of the bike whilst the other tried to kickstart it

“At about 1am they began riding it up and down the road outside mine from Laindon station to the Laindon Community Centre.

“When I was trying to sleep I heard a massive noise as if they had crashed into something in the car park, it sounded like they could’ve hit the bushes and the fence.

“The next day I saw three boys around age 15 driving a smashed up moped with no number plate. I phoned the police in case they were illegally driving, clearly not following the social distancing law we have at the moment.

“At about 2pm I walked to the shop and there were two cars in my car park that had been scraped. There were car parts on the floor - my neighbour’s Mercedes had its number plate off and it’s logo on the floor, there were bits of the red moped parts scattered about and there was glass everywhere.”

She continued: “My neighbours were absolutely furious, and it really angered and disgusted me that these youths would damage and disregard someone’s property like that.

“It’s absolutely shocking that they then continued to drive around as well after causing so much damage to people’s cars.

“It makes me question where their parents are in this situation.

"I just hope the police find them soon.”

Essex Police received reports of anti-social behaviour on Larkspur Way, but when officers attended no one was at the scene.

Anyone with any information should contact the police on 101. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.