Two house boats were completely destroyed in a fire on Canvey.

Firefighters have issued safety advice after a log burner was left unattended and set fire to materials around it, leading to two boats being destroyed.

Crews reported on arrival that two house boats, measuring around eight metres in length, were 100 per cent alight when they arrived at Oyster Creek at 11.45pm yesterday evening.

Wayne Davey, watch manager at Rayleigh Weir Fire Station, said: "Firefighters have done a great job of controlling this fire quickly - while two boats have unfortunately been badly damaged, there were several others nearby that it could easily have spread to.

"We understand this fire was caused accidentally after a log burner was left unattended and ignited nearby materials. The boat then quickly filled with smoke - making it very dangerous to be inside.

"Our advice when using a log burner or cooking is to always make sure you have an eye on it - fires can start much more quickly than you might think. You should also keep the area around it clear of any materials like tea towels, cloths or clothing.

"This man did the right thing in calling 999 and getting out of harm's way as soon as he noticed the fire - fortunately no-one was hurt."