A BARRISTER has spearheaded a new campaign to bolster the NHS during the coronavirus national emergency by helping to feed frontline staff at Southend Hospital.

Fuel the Frontline gives vital donations of fresh food to hospital and NHS staff who can’t easily get to the supermarkets.

Those on the frontline in Southend have been the latest beneficiaries of the scheme this week.

The campaign, run by Michael Polak, a barrister from London, has made donations to more than ten hospitals across London and Essex, and allows staff to pick their own food for free.

Frontline NHS workers are given one paper bag and can pick and choose from the items, which adds up to three meals of food.

Mr Polak’s campaign has also donated food to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford which was sourced from restaurant wholesalers.

Fuel the Frontline’s founder, Mr Polak, said: “The reception at hospitals has been fantastic.

“It’s been going really well so far.

“We’ve only been up and running ten days.”

He said his campaign had developed exceptional relationships with hospitals coping with the Covid-19 pandemic.

He added: “Long may this continue.”

Mr Polak launched the initiative because of variable shift patterns which means some workers may not be able to take advantage of dedicated supermarket shopping slots for NHS staff.

He added: “Our donations allow staff to pick up food at the end of their shift, which will last them three dinners.

“They can pick whatever they like - we’re aiming to help as many people as we can.

“We’re currently on a circuit of hospitals in London and are looking at Romford as potentially our next location in Essex.”

Mr Polak concluded: “We deliver to hospitals on a daily basis - they need all the support they can get.”