AS a sunny bank holiday weekend begins, Southend Council is reminding residents and daytrippers to stay away from the seafront.

All the borough’s sports facilities are currently closed including tennis courts, basketball courts, Belfair’s golf course, swimming pools and gym facilities.

While the parks are open, playgrounds and all recreational facilities in them remain unavailable for use.

The authority’s Don’t Visit Southend campaign to deter visitors is continuing.

Seafront car parking bays remain suspended and seafront car parks are closed.

The Cinder Path, which runs along the seafront from Chalkwell Train Station to Old Leigh, will be closed this weekend.

Carole Mulroney, councillor for planning and environment, said: “Last weekend we saw the majority of people acting responsibly and staying home where possible.

"However, we also saw people enjoying picnics on the beach, sunbathing outside, groups of teenagers playing football in the park and cyclists meeting up for a ride.

“Where we have seen this, we have spoken to those involved and asked them to go home as their actions are not in line with the Government guidance.

“The Government has been very specific with its advice that a daily walk, run or cycle is permitted.

“But only alongside members of your family, who you are living in the same house with. You should not be meeting with friends and family from other households under any circumstances.

“I understand that it is difficult not seeing the people we love and care about but everyone is having to make sacrifices.

“The sooner everyone complies, the sooner we can flatten the curve, slow the spread of coronavirus and get back to normal.

“Please, think twice about taking any unnecessary trips. Stay home and save lives. Please pay attention to your children and where they are going. ”