A SINGER from Southend has touched the hearts of thousands by performing her own song for the NHS.

Kelly Wing has re-written, recorded and produced an alternate version of the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, with new lyrics to pay tribute to NHS workers as they battle the coronavirus.

The 40-year-old mum of two used to perform on the road but has since moved her performances online, taking fan requests and covering songs for them.

Ms Wing said: “The idea was to let the NHS know how thankful we are and to hopefully give the message to the people who want to go out and enjoy the sun, to think about what the NHS staff are going through.

“The song lyrics were originally written by Sailor Jerri (an American Veteran) as a remembrance song.

“Jerri gave me permission a year ago to use the lyrics to cover the song for the British Soldiers Remembrance song...

“I used these lyrics but readjusted them to fit the NHS, it was remarkable how the lyrics are similar to a soldier going to war.”

Ms Wing, who lives in Ennismore Gardens, shared the song on her Facebook page on Monday, and it has since gained more than 18,000 likes and been shared more than 330 times.

She is staying at home with her husband and two daughters aged 16 and 18, working as a buyer overseeing factories in China and India She is inviting people to tag NHS workers that they know in the comments so they can view the video.

She added: “Normally I film myself to feature in the videos, but in this one I didn’t want any of me.

“The song is not about me, it’s about those on the frontline. It’s still a war, just a very different one.

“It’s been absolutely lovely to read the comments, I’ve tried to like each one. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone.

“I hoped that by getting it out there, if I can convince just one person not to go out, it will make all the difference.”