A WORRIED mum has warned that if rule breakers continue to flout the lockdown rules her son and others will not get the NHS care they desperately need.

Shelly Simmonds’ son Fraser, 7, lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and says if the NHS does not resume normal care for months, he will be left at risk.


Isolating - Fraser has had several appointments cancelled

The family, from Billericay, have had several routine appointments cancelled for Fraser’s condition with more set to follow, which has already had an impact on Fraser’s health.

His condition affects the muscles and heart over a long period of time and there are concerns that Fraser, who is now self-isolating for 12 weeks with his mum due to his vulnerability, will not be seen by carers until after June - leaving him susceptible to unseen heart problems.

Shelley described how Fraser has already been impacted by cancelled appointments, stating: “He relies on splints for his daily exercise, but his current ones are too small.

“These were going to be replaced at the end of April, but that has been cancelled.

“His splints are cutting his feet and we’re having to put plasters underneath.

“We’re not sure how long this temporary measure will last.

“His condition can worsen his heart and lead to heart failure.

“We had a routine scan coming up which has been cancelled, which would show if there was any problems.

“Our next one might not be until the autumn.

“If we find an issue then, we’ll never know if that could have been spotted now and could have been prevented.

“His regular heart scan appointment is cancelled, as is seeing the specialist team about his weak bones.

“Both of these are a critical part of his care and could have serious consequences if we don’t see them.

“It’s the not knowing that’s worse. We don’t know what’s going on.

“We might not know if there’s something wrong.

“The damage could be irreversible.

“This is causing me so much worry.

“They check that his heart is beating properly and that his lungs are functioning enough to keep his breathing stable.

“Please stay at home.

“Fraser is relying on you.”

Mrs Simmonds issued an urgent appeal to those who are thinking of being outside longer than the rules or advice states. She said: “Coronavirus has overtaken everything but there are still people with life-limiting conditions who are now going without the care and support they need.

“If this continues for an unspecified period of time, Coronavirus will have harmed many more people than just those who have contracted the virus.

“People need to remember this.

“It’s not the NHS’ fault that they cannot carry out normal appointments.

“Lots of people like Fraser, with all different conditions and disabilities, need the NHS to live their everyday lives and have the best quality of life possible.

“Everyone is worried what will happen to now that he can’t access the regular care and support we need.”