A CARTOONIST has been cheering up his community with his daily sketches of life in lockdown, featuring his dog Purdy.

Darren Goddard has been posting the journal drawings on Facebook and has received dozens of comments about the comic-like drawings and how they are making people happy and keeping them amused.


Talented - Darren hopes to have the cartoons published after the lockdown ends

Drawer Darren said: “I’ve had comment after comment about the drawings cheering people up.

“I’m happy making others happy in such an awful time. I’ve always been a cartoonist from a young age and it’s my passion.”


Comical - the drawings have put a smile on many people’s faces and connected Darren with the community

Darren, from Southend, recently found himself in a difficult situation after being made homeless just before lockdown.


Comedy - the sketches are inspired by life in the lockdown

He has since moved in with his step-mum Carol, who, unfortunately for Darren, owned a cat, meaning loyal Purdy wouldn’t be able to come.

Carol’s neighbour, Jackie Callow - who is featured in one of the sketches - offered to take Purdy in and quickly developed a friendship with Darren.


Guest - Bob the Squirrel is one of the characters throughout 

Darren and Purdy have since found somewhere to stay.

The 48-year-old added: “Me and Purdy have been reunited now but thanks to Jackie I was able to stay close to her and still take her for daily walks.


Lifelike - the tales of Darren and Purdy!

“Since lockdown I have been doing one or two sketches with a story every day, usually at the end of the day after I’ve taken Purdy out for her walk. It’s also a good way to keep my mind active.


Themed - the pair are well-known among the Facebook community now

“I’m taking it a day at a time but I really hope to get them published and just carry on being a cartoonist. I’ve called it ‘My Ludicrous Life in Lockdown’.”


Real deal - the real life Purdy (and Darren!)

Darren, who is the artist behind the eye-catching mural outside Argosy Toys, in Westcliff, adopted Purdy as a puppy when she was abandoned as a stray in Spain, where he was living at the time in 2004 for around 12 years.

Jackie, 51, said: “Darren is so talented and so kind-hearted and is doing a wonderful job of cheering up so many people on social media every day.”


Real-life - Jackie is part of one of Darren’s sketches

“When I took Purdy in, she pined for Darren for a week, sleeping by the front door and waiting for him, although we finally became close friends. She now jumps up and waves to me over my wall every day as they walk past.”