A “CRAZY” disqualified biker drove on pavements while children were walking to school in a vain attempt to avoid the law.

Robert Holmes has been spared jail for dangerous driving after he fled a police officer who tried to get him to stop on the B1013, Rayleigh.

The 54-year-old, of Waarden Road, Canvey, caught the attention of a police officer at 8.55am on January 10 when he overtook another vehicle on a zebra crossing.

The officer chased Holmes and signalled for him to pull over.

Holmes was travelling more than 50mph when the speed limit was 30mph.

Initially, Holmes stopped for the officer, but as the constable stopped and got off his own bike to approach, Holmes drove off, mounting the pavement to avoid parked cars, still travelling over the speed limit.

Eventually, Holmes lost the officer, but he had noted his licence plate.

The officer later visited Holmes at his home address where he admitted to driving dangerously and had “panicked” when he saw the police vehicle.

Holmes appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday via video link from home due to the social distancing measures imposed during the coronavirus pandemic.

He admitted dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, failing to stop and having no insurance.

Mike Warren, mitigating for Holmes, told the court he was working as a self-employed handyman and that it “beggars belief” that he had made the decision to drive to his brother’s home in Rayleigh when he shouldn’t have been on the road, having already been disqualified.

Mr Warren added Holmes accepted it was “an incredibly stupid decision”.

Sentencing Holmes to eight months in jail, suspended for two years, Judge Andrew Hurst said: “Instead of acting in any way responsibly you acted entirely selfishly. That footpath contained pedestrians including children.

“It is fortunate no one was killed, this could have been far more serious. You are very lucky not to be immediately going into custody.”

Holmes was also fined £250 and disqualified for another two years.

Judge Hurst added: “It was a crazy bit of driving, please don’t repeat it.”