A VICIOUS thug’s brutal attack on his girlfriend “left her blood on the walls”.

Henry Hyde has been locked up for 22 months after “exploding with rage” during a drunken row with his partner.

The 48-year-old and the woman had got drunk and went back to his address in Station Road, Westcliff, on January 30 when the argument started.

Things became heated and resulted in Hyde’s partner throwing objects at him, causing minor injuries to his face.

Hyde then tried to force his partner from the flat, but ended up attacking her causing several fractures to her face, resulting in severe swelling and bruising on her left arm.

Hyde then fled the flat but police were alerted to the commotion and he was later arrested near the scene.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard yesterday that due to her being so drunk, Hyde’s partner could not remember how she had gotten the injuries, but when police arrived they had seen her blood splattered over the walls of the flat.

Hyde later admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

However, he denied he had punched her. This basis of plea was accepted by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Hyde appeared at court via video link to be sentenced.

Mitigating, Kevin Toomey said Hyde had a host of previous convictions and has constantly battled an addiction to alcohol.

He said: “These are very unpleasant injuries.

“If he does not get help, he is just going to keep going back to prison.

“He can’t deal with these issues himself.”

Mr Toomey added Hyde had made progress through courses while in prison.

Sentencing, Judge Samantha Cohen told Hyde: “The cut caused at the back of her head was bleeding heavily.

“Assaulting your partner is no way to solve any arguments. You know that.

“You drink to excess and have periods of depression.

“You have said, and I accept, that you are ashamed and remorseful.

“You must have used very significant force to inflict those injuries.”

Hyde, who has 25 convictions for 46 offences, was sent to prison for 22 months.