A KEY worker’s car windows were smashed by vandals while she was on a shift.

Chloe Victoria Jay, who is a postwoman, parked her car in Nelson Road, Dovercourt, at about 7am on Friday.

When she returned to her car after work at 2pm, the rear windscreen had been smashed and there were two pieces of rubble next to the vehicle.

She said: “It looked like it had been thrown with some force and split in two when it hit the windscreen.

“Nothing was stolen thankfully, but I had lots of glass in the boot and the rubble had left dents in my boot and rear bumper.”

She said she heard that some children were throwing stones and trying to open doors at Dovercourt Train Station around the time of the incident.

Chloe added: “I phoned 101 and reported it, but because of the coronavirus, there being no witnesses and no CCTV as of yet, they put it on file.”

She added: “For this to happen to anyone at anytime is horrible, but at a time like this when everyone is struggling money wise, it’s even worse.”

If you have any information on the incident or witnessed anything call Essex Police on 101.