SEVENTY-ONE per cent of parents responding to an Echo poll say they will not allow their children to return to school next week.

More than 1,000 parents responded on Facebook saying they would keep their children at home.

Only 423 said they would be happy to send their children back next month.

Other parents aired their opinions on the Echo Facebook page.

Emily Faith Knight said: “Unfortunately I am a key worker and have no choice but to send my daughter to nursery.”

Dave Andrews said: “Considering the schools were shut to prevent spreading the virus rather than “safety”

it’s extremely positive and I’m grateful my children can continue to receive the privilege of a decent education.”

Sandi Vaessen asked: “I would like to know if all those mums who say their children need to go to school so they can go to work, what they do for child care during the school holidays?”

While Hayley Kerin added: “I work in a school, my child isn’t going back to school though because I’m very fortunate that my husband can work from home during the day then go out and finish his shift once I return back home.

“There is no right or or wrong answer in sending your child in.”