A MAN threatened to dig up the grave of his own son after getting angry at his ex-partner.

Martin Pardoe had got into a rage against his former partner and had stolen items from where his son is buried at the Basildon and District Crematorium near Bowers Gifford.

The incident happened in August last year, when the 26-year-old had sent messages to his ex-partner saying he would go to the grave and remove tokens she had left on it.

He also threatened to dig up his son’s body and criticised her as a mother.

Pardoe, of no fixed abode in Basildon, carried out the offence 12 weeks after his son was stillborn.

The messages made his former partner distraught, and she went to check on the grave, where she found the items were still there.

However, when she returned she found some of the items taken, and Pardoe later confirmed he had them.

She persuaded him to meet with her in a field to try and get them back.

Unbeknownst to Pardoe, the woman had also phoned the police, and after he arrived with the items, police arrived at the scene and arrested him.

The items were recovered, along with a small amount of cannabis, plus a knife, which Pardoe had thrown into the bushes nearby.

Pardoe appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday via video link to be sentenced.

Mitigating, Shauna Ritchie told the court: “He deeply regrets it and he has spent an uncomfortable nine months in custody.

“He wishes to have nothing more to do with his ex-partner and will not pursue her.

“He will be living at an address in Langdon Hills, far away from his ex-partner.

“He is very anxious to get on with his life.”

Ms Ritchie also said Pardoe had been using drugs at the time of the incident and was under the influence, and that he was in a “highly emotional state” and “acted unwisely”.

Judge Samantha Leigh told Pardoe: “You said you would take items from the grave, and you would remove the body of your son because she wasn’t a fair mother.

“It was despicable.”

Pardoe was jailed for 14 months and was given a restraining order against the woman.