A CYCLIST is “unbelievably lucky” to be alive after an incredible near miss at a level crossing.

Shocking dash cam footage captures the biker travelling towards Colchester town centre and approaching the East Gates level crossing.

But rather than slowing down and waiting he chooses to ignore the warning lights, and the fact the barriers are descending, to cycle onto the tracks.

The cyclist, wearing a grey hoody and holding a florescent orange bag, then has to swerve in order to make it through the second set of barriers which are now nearly closed.

His momentum throws him off the bike, but fortunately he is now clear of the tracks.

He then nonchalantly rides off seemingly uninjured and undisturbed by what happened.

The video has been viewed thousands of times on social media after it was captured by Anita Vace on her dashcam as she patiently waited at the crossing on Saturday morning.

Anita said: “I have a dashcam and managed to record it.

“I could not believe it when I realised what was happening.

“I was certain he was going to get stuck.

“He was so lucky.”

Network Rail regularly release footage of near misses on the train lines in order to warn people against complacency when they are crossing.

Becky Croker, community safety manager for the Anglia region, said she was stunned by the video and questioned why anyone would put themselves in such unnecessary danger.

“This is truly shocking behaviour and the cyclist is unbelievably lucky,” she said.

“I can’t imagine what was so urgent for this person to risk their life like this.

“When the barriers are lowered the train could be only seconds away, so this person got away lightly in comparison to what could have happened.”