IT’S not everyday Spider-Man swoops in to celebrate your birthday.

But that’s exactly what happened to seven-year-old Jackson Banks who is battling a rare condition.


Smiles - the birthday boy with the Flash drawing

The youngster is living with Perthes Disease, which means the hip joint with the leg is disintegrating due to blood supply being cut off.

He was diagnosed last October and now has to spend most of his time in a wheelchair.

Mum Kelly said the bone will regrow, but he will need a number of major operations.

Keen to give her little boy a birthday to remember, she took to Facebook to appeal for help and was shocked by the response.


Fun - Jackson and family with The Joker

Among those who responded were The Thundersley Superhero Alliance, kind residents Stacey and Patrick Martin and air ambulance champions, and part-time superheroes BC Fundraisers.

Between them, they arranged a convoy of vehicles - and superheroes Spider-Man, Captain America, The Joker and The Mandalorian - to arrive at Jackson’s home, in Southend, on Friday.

Ms Watson said: “They all brought cards and presents for Jackson which was amazing and it was such a brilliant day.

“We did not know any of these people and I can’t believe how generous they have been and the efforts they all went to, to put a smile on Jackson’s face.


Treat - the youngster was delighted by the surprise 

“It has totally restored my faith in humanity and they all really made his day even better than I could have ever imagined it would be.

“They put a smile on his face that I’ve not seen for ages and he was laughing and playing about with the characters.

“I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who helped make Jackson’s birthday such a special day.

“It was unreal and totally mindblowing. The Thundersley characters brought a drawing of superhero the Flash which was drawn by official Star Wars artist Jamie Richards and we felt like real celebrities.

“Stacey Martin had a party bus as part of the convoy and they all sang happy birthday to Jackson. He loved it all.”