Another Essex MP has criticised Dominic Cummings for his 260 mile trip to Durham.

Mark Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, has demanded the Prime Minister's chief aide publicly apologises "for the upset he has caused."

The MP has confirmed he has written to 300 constituents who contacted him on the so-called Cummings affair.

Several other Essex MP's have criticised Boris Johnson's aide, with Stephen Metcalfe and Jackie Doyle-Price calling for Cummings' resignation, while Sir David Amess has urged an independent enquiry is called, in which Mr Cummings is suspended.

In his letter, which the Echo has seen, he thanked everyone for getting in touch, and said he will continue to push for Dominic Cummings to publicly apologise.

Mr Francois said: "I can well understand why Mr Cummings' actions have led to a considerable amount of public anger.

"Mr Cummings continues to insist that, partly because of the exceptional circumstances provision within the guidelines, regarding care for young children, he did not contravene the guidelines on his trip to Durham, to isolate with his family.

"However while I was watching his detailed explanation during his press conference, I was struck by one thing that was missing, an apology."

Mark Francois MP also confirmed he had forwarded his letter onto Mark Spencer MP, the Government's chief whip.