Crews tackled an alarming shed fire in a garden after it rapidly spread to six nearby homes.

Firefighters were called to Stirling Place in Basildon last night, after a shed in a garden was alight, but within minutes the flames had spread to six homes.

The fire had hit the rear of the buildings on Stirling Place and Burlington Court, with sheds and fences nearby also engulfed by the flames.

Two fire engines arrived at the scene at around 7.45pm, with the fire extinguished by 8.30pm.

The cause is yet unknown.

Howard Midwood, watch manager at Basildon fire station, said: "When we arrived the fire had already spread to sheds and fences in neighbouring properties, as well as the rear of six houses in Stirling Place and Burlington Court.

"If it hadn't been for the quick actions of our crews, the flames could have made their way inside these properties and caused far more damage. 

"Our firefighters worked extremely hard to surround the fire and bring it under control, before extinguishing it by 8.35pm."