The controversial football owner Glenn Tamplin has revealed his six week long battle with covid-19.

The former owner of Billericay Town, who now owns Romford FC, has spoken of his fight with coronavirus, in which he thought "he was a goner."

Mr Tamplin, confirmed he had been self-isolating in his home for six weeks, away from his wife and seven children.

The millionaire owner, posted a video on his Twitter page, in which he said: "For two or three days, I thought I was a goner.

"I was passing out with pain, couldn't breathe I was struggling for breathe and I done it all at home.

"Sorry for not being around, but this corona really took it out of me.

"I took breathing for granted. It starves you of oxygen, it damages your organs.

"I'm back now. I'm nowhere near the man I was but I've got to rebuild myself again.

"I'm back in the fight. I've got through corona somehow.

"Thank you for your lovely messages of support and thank you to the ones who have been caring and worrying.

"All I know is that I'm grateful to be alive."

Glenn's wife Bliss, tweeted from his account on May 8, which read: "This is Bliss, Glenns wife.

"Glenn is currently self isolating; two weeks ago after calling 111 we realised he had symptoms of corona.

"He is through the worst of it now but will not be able to mix with the family or do any social media for another 10/14 days."