WESTCLIFF residents were plagued by yet another power cut - the third one in less than two weeks - only this one lasted all day and into the evening.

Some were left unable to work from home and others were left scratching their heads on ways to entertain the kids.

A total of 111 homes were left without power from 8.30am - with 67 of them waiting until 4pm, before power was restored, and a further 27 homes waiting until 9pm. 

Sally Spearman, who is administrative assistant was forced to take the day off unpaid.

The 47-year-old, said: "This is the third power cut now and it's just not on.

"During the other two power cuts I was able to use my phone's internet to send emails, although it was considerably disruptive as that was all I could do, I could not access my work system through my computer.

"However, yesterday's power cut was a nightmare as from what I understand, the power was out from 4am, so of course, I woke up with 20 per cent battery on my phone.

"They state on their websites that power cuts are rare but there have been several here in the last year and three this month."

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Jenny Marston, 32, said: "This is getting ridiculous. I was not a happy bunny to wake up to no coffee and no shower and my kids were climbing the walls in the afternoon without their gadgets.

"I don't know why this keeps happening but now we have some unsightly holes in the ground. 

Echo: Another power cut - residents were left all dayAnother power cut - residents were left all day

"When we had a power cut last week I walked down to chat to the engineers who were down the road and they were sat on the back of the van having a cup of tea! 

"I asked them if that meant the power was back on, but no it wasn't."

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A spokesman for UK Power Networks, said: "Power was interrupted to 17 customers in Southbourne Grove in Westcliff at 4.14am yesterday (Thursday) because of fault with a piece of electrical equipment.

"At 8.30am power was turned off for safety reasons to a further 77 customers to repair the complex fault. Supplies had been returned to 67 of these customers by 3.56pm with the final 27 restored safely at 8.55pm.

"One of our customer service support vehicles attended at 12.44pm to assist affected customers.

"Yesterday’s power outage was unrelated to two previous power cuts. The first of these was caused by third party damage, the second, on June 11, was because of a different underground network fault.

"We appreciate how difficult it is be without electricity and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

"If you are in vulnerable circumstances you can join UK Power Networks’ free priority services register www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/priority to benefit from extra help and support in a power cut."