A CENTENARIAN who lived through the bloody Second World War has told how it was easier coping then than through the coronavirus lockdown.

Peggy Whitebread, who marked her 100th birthday yesterday, celebrated with a socially-distanced barbecue with her “wonderful” family at her grandson’s house, in Eastwood.

Speaking on coping with lockdown, Peggy said: “Apart from being indoors and never going out, I like the Second World War best!

“I don’t think we had it bad, we had rationing and clothing, things like that - at least you could go out.

“The whole world has gone mad.”

She added: “I’ve got a wonderful family.

“If someone had said to choose yourself a family out of any family in the whole of the world, I couldn’t have chosen a better family than the one I’ve got.

“I’ve got the most wonderful grandson.”


Back in the day - Peggy working at a munitions factory

Peggy has six grandchildren, but unfortunately not all of them were able to join her as some are classed as vulnerable or high risk to the coronavirus and one lives in Denmark.

However, Peggy was thrilled to see some of her great grandchildren.

Beaming about his inspirational nan, Dean Herman, 44, said: “My nan is a very bubbly and independent woman.

“Her husband died on her 60th birthday and she has been on her own ever since, for the last 40 years.

“She still lives on her own - cooks, cleans, and does everything for herself.

“Obviously mum and dad help, out but she is very independent, certainly for her age.”

Indepedent Peggy added: “I’m still doing all my own washing.”

Reminiscing on fond memories, Dean said: “Nan always used to come on family holidays with us.

“After my Grandad passed away, she would always tag along and be the baby sitter. She loves to travel.

“She loves the Italy and used to love going to the Italian lakes.”

Peggy moved from north London to Rayleigh in the Sixties when her two children were young and has lived in the same house ever since.

Peggy also worked at the Odeon for a number of years as well as working at the Kiwi factory.

Families around the country have been relieved to be able to see their loved ones again after the Government announced a “bubble” system.

Many have been spending time with their families outside while socially distancing.