IT is difficult starting your own business venture at the best of times – but a Westcliff resident has taken the plunge with a new product during lockdown.

Environmentalist Sally Lands established the Leigh-based Coast Capture Air in 2018 but, while the coronavirus pandemic has left businesses on hold and had a major effect on the economy, she has not stopped in her tracks.

Miss Lands – of Shorefield Gardens, Westcliff – has used lockdown to her advantage by creating an unusual type of gift called Souven-Air.

She has been selling 50ml bottles of air collected from the Southend, Westcliff and Leigh beaches to raise funds for various local charities.


For sale - the air is collected at Southend, Leigh and Westcliff beaches

Having sold 38 bottles of the south Essex air, Miss Lands has been able to donate funds to Harp Southend, Age Concern and the Southend Hospital Charity.

She is pleased to be following her passion despite the lockdown restrictions.

Miss Lands, 53, said: “I have always had an interest in the environment and, more recently, the harmful effects of pollution on our air quality.

“I regularly volunteer with environmental charities and, in 2014, I was fortunate enough to win the Daily Mail General Trust Community Champion Green Award for my contribution to environmental charities.


“This passion for being outdoors and caring for the environment, coupled with an interest in addressing air pollution, led to the creation of Coast Capture Air.

“Coast Capture Air’s glass bottles of fresh coastal air were initially produced as a symbolic way to raise awareness and start conversations around the fragility of fresh air. I am passionate about air quality, with the objective being that fresh air should be a right and not a privilege.

“Souven-Air has been created as a planet-friendly gift, or souvenir, with a social enterprise heart.”


Environmentalist - Sally Lands

Miss Lands is hoping to take her new product to the next level by stocking the bottles in the cafes and eateries along the seafront and Leigh.

She added: “The sales will continue throughout the summer months when Southend’s visitors take their staycations here in the town.

“All profits from the sales of the Souven-Air bottles go to Southend’s good causes and the more that I sell, the more our charities will benefit.”

“I must admit, I was surprised that the bottles sold so well, especially when most shops were actually closed.”

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