A CLEAN-UP operation was launched after hundreds of teenagers attended a seafront party and left piles of mess behind.

The huge gathering happened on the seafront in Old Leigh on Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning.

It is understood Essex Police attended to manage the huge crowd.

The group were drinking, smoking and were also believe to have nitrous oxide cannisters.

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Amber Bond, who owns a cleaning company called Wings Cleaning Services, spotted the rave when she was walking her dog last night.

After being stunned by what she had seen, she returned on Saturday to help tidy up the mountains of mess left behind.


A hardy group of volunteers were already on the scene.

Amber said: "We are so upset about it.

"I noticed it on Friday night when I walked the dog.

"I saw hundreds of teenagers with my own eyes.

"I felt horrible on Saturday morning knowing the state of it down there so I went down and there were a few who had already started.

"In total there were about six people and it took between 90 minutes and two hours in total to get it all sorted.


"There were beer cans, beer bottles, vodka bottles, wine, spirit cans and cannisters for balloons which I think are nitrous oxide.

"There were also tons of cigarettes.

"It was like cleaning up after a festival. 'I've never seen anything like it."