Southend Airport is set to trial new technology help to stop making passengers remove liquids and laptops thanks to new X-Ray machine technology.

The growing airport will next month abandon the practice of asking passengers to remove liquids and laptops from hand luggage as they go through scanners.

Bosses say it will help to stop people gathering in the terminal and it’s part of work to protect both staff and passengers.

The airport, which serves hotspots such as Tenerife and Majorca, has installed a 3D X-ray machine that can scan such items without them being removed.

Airports hope the machines will lead to the end of a ban on taking larger drinks bottles on to planes. The rule has frustrated passengers since it was introduced in 2006.

Currently, liquids must be no more than 100ml and containers must be placed in transparent plastic bags. The policy was introduced following a plot to blow up jets using explosive material hidden in drinks bottles.

An airport spokesman said: “Southend Airport has installed next generation security technology which will mean that passengers can leave liquids and laptops within their bags.

"The move is another step among several new measures to protect employees and passengers whilst travelling. Training is currently being rolled out with the testing phase taking place in the coming weeks.

"The investment will remove touch points and prevent people from gathering together within the terminal.”