Residents have come together to clear up after a lorry dumped a load of glass over a street outside a school.

The community-minded residents rushed to help after glass was seen covering Hamstel Road, Southend outside Hamstel Junior School.

Traffic was impacted for about 10 minutes and some residents helped to direct traffic while others quickly helped to clear the mess.

One resident said: “We think a lorry dropped all this glass down Hamstel Road and all the residents were out cleaning it up and the traffic is now moving again.

“The traffic wasn’t impacted for very long, it was busy for around 10 minutes as the residents cleaned up the glass. We think a lorry dropped its load and didn’t realise. It could be a few windows panes from the back of a van. There was lots of glass a cross the whole road.”

It happened at about 12.10pm today.