A BRUTAL thug kicked a defenceless man’s head 17 times “like it was a football”.

Chancy Kipasa has been locked up for nine years for the vicious attack on a man in Westcliff where he knocked him out and stamped on his head.

His victim has tragically taken his own life since the assault, with Kisapa’s violence “playing its part” in his downward spiral.

Kisapa, 28, had been driven to London Road on March 24 last year where he and two others had gone inside a house while his female friend waited in the car.

During this time, three men approached the scene and were queuing at a cash point at the Londis store (pictured below).


Kipasa emerged and approached the men, grabbing one by the neck and throwing him against a shop window.

A fight broke out between the four men, and Kipasa suffered kicks and punches.

However, he managed to get his victim on the floor, and kicked him eight times, rendering him unconscious.

The other two men then left the scene. Instead of leaving, Kipasa kicked and stamped on him a further nine times.

Kipasa’s friend had called the police in this time, and said she was “at a loss for words”, despite knowing him for years.

Kipasa, of Chichester Road, Southend, later admitting causing grievous bodily harm with intent and was jailed yesterday at Basildon Crown Court.


Judge Andrew Hurst said “the fight was over” long before the end of his violence.

He said: “It looks as if you’re taking penalty kicks with his head as a football. His father had the grace to say you were not wholly responsible for his death.

“I have no doubt what happened that night changed him and had a long-term effect.”