A THOUGHTFUL school boy decided to send a fun word search to the Queen to cheer her up just in case she was feeling “sad and lonely” during the coronavirus lockdown.

Timothy Madders, from Billericay created his “happiness word search” with hidden words including “smile”, “family”, “holiday” and “sunshine”.

The seven-year-old wrote: “Dear Queen Elizabeth, You might be feeling sad or lonely during lockdown, so I thought I could make a word search for you to cheer you up. Love from Timothy Madders.”

Timothy was then surprised to receive a reply from Windsor Castle thanking him for his thoughtfulness.

The letter, from one of the Queen’s ladies in waiting, Philippa de Pass, said: “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your kind letter, and for the puzzle you have created especially for Her Majesty.

“Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and The Queen hopes that you too are keeping safe and well in the current situation.

“I am to thank you very much indeed for writing as you did at this time.”

Timothy said his family had been making word searches during lockdown when he decided to create one for the Queen and post it in May.

He said he had forgotten all about it and felt “very special and happy and excited” when he received a reply.

Mum Jo Madders added: “It’s a good little word search”.