A MUM watched in horror as a group of “lunatic” yobs caused mayhem in a busy supermarket.

The 38-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, has spoken of the incident which saw the youngsters run riot in Asda, Shoebury, on Wednesday evening.

Gobsmacked, she watched the yobs, who she believes were no older than 11, throw baskets around and verbally abuse and intimidate staff, scaring parents who were visiting the shop with their little ones.

The witness, a woman from Shoebury, watched staff chase the youngsters around for about 40 minutes before they left the store on North Shoebury Road.

She said: “I had only popped in for some food shopping, but what I saw was absolute carnage. It was about 7pm when a group of kids no older than 11 started running up and down the aisles with basket holders, throwing baskets about not caring who they hit, getting up in staff members’ faces, absolutely abusing them and screaming the C-word.

“You would’ve thought by the noise there was 26 of them, you could hear the lunatics down the other end of the store.”

Essex Police, who attended the incident, have also confirmed goods were stolen during the commotion.

The mother continued: “I’m extremely lucky I didn’t have my four-month-old with me, but there were parents with toddlers who were petrified. Security was chasing the kids for about 40 minutes before the police arrived.

“It was hideous, staff were trying to corner them to get them out, but the kids were getting all up in their faces without a mask on. I felt so sorry for them.”

Martin Terry, cabinet member for community safety and customer contact, said: “This is absolutely disgusting behaviour. Whether it’s a coincidence or not we had the exact same problem this time last year, when the store had to close because of it. I’ve had also other reports about this kind of behaviour in that vicinity too.

“The poor staff who are putting themselves on the frontline don’t deserve this disrespect.”

An Essex Police spokesperson, said: “We were called at 7.45pm with reports that three youths were being disruptive in the Asda store. They were reported to have taken a number of items of which the value is unknown. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting 42/100982/20.”

An Asda spokesperson, said: “We don’t tolerate anti-social behaviour of any kind in our stores and we are assisting the police with their inquiries.’’