A MUM who put labour on pause to finish her creme brulee when her waters broke has returned to the restaurant where it all started... four months later.

Vikki Welsh stepped through the doors of the Shoeburyness Hotel for the first time since her little one was welcomed into the world - this time with Amelia in her arms rather than in her tummy.

The 39-year-old, from Shoebury, had visited the restaurant on March 8 for a bite to eat with her parents and her partner Steve.


Safe and sound - baby Amelia

At that point, it was a few days after Amelia was due, for a bite to eat with her parents and her partner Steve...but went into labour at the table.

After finishing her dessert Vikki was taken to Southend Hospital, where she delivered the baby two days later.

She said: “I was due on March 6 but thought we can’t sit indoors waiting the whole time, why not pop out for some Sunday lunch.


“The restaurant is only down the road from our house so I thought if anything were to happen we’re not far, so we walked down there.

“Walking is said to help get the baby going, turns out it’s true! We had gotten through our mains and I was just about to bite into my crème brûlée when I felt like I’d wet myself as I laughed.

“Everyone I think was secretly panicking on the inside when we realised this was the big moment, but we stayed as calm as possible. I even got to finish my dessert before we went straight to the hospital.


Ready to pop - Vikki Welsh before she left for lunch

“Two days later she was here and she is so perfect, we couldn’t ask for any more.”

Vikki has since spoke about adjusting to motherhood during Covid-19.

She said: “We were kept in the hospital for four or five days to avoid the risk of infection, but when we came out it wasn’t long until we went into lockdown. Definitely not how I imagined bringing her into the world, but nevertheless we’ve loved every moment and have actually spent more time as a family.

“Going back there as our first restaurant after lockdown started to lift was so special, she came back for a second appearance!”