A PETITION has been launched to put a "cage" over Queensway bridge in Southend, following the death of 19-year-old Chris Nota.

The petition, launched by a friend of Chris', Millie Holmes, has already received more than 1,880 signatures in two days.

Chris Nota, 19, died after falling into Southend Queensway underpass.

It reads: "This is a petition to put a protection barrier over the bridges at Queensway Southend, after the heartbreaking passing of Chris and many other individuals who have attempted suicide or who have fallen.

"The whole underpass area will be renovated however it is not clear when this is happening as it could take years to renovate the area and if we can prevent this from happening again we can make a change.


"The bridge is dangerous and it has been involved in many incidents. This young mans passing has largely affected our community as it could of been prevented."

The petition goes on to say: "He was known as friendly, always calm, smiling and good hearted.

"The stigma around mental health especially in men needs to be broken and Southend as a community can contribute in checking on our friends and family.

"Furthermore we can contribute and fight for stronger support systems for younger people who struggle with mental health.

"Chris was let down as he did not have the support he needed.


"If we can save a life before the renovation that would mean everything.

"Chris and his family are in our hearts and he will not be forgotten."

Further tributes also poured in for the former South Essex College student, with pals describing him as "one of the nicest people" they had ever met, "always happy-go-lucky", "always laughing” and "always willing to fo the extra mile for anyone".

To see the petition, click here