How can a drugged-up driver kill a young cyclist on the A127 and only get 28 months in jail?

Obviously, he won’t do that long, stressing how remorseful he is and pulling on the judge’s heartstrings.

This is absolutely outrageous, he will be out before we know it and might even do the same again.  I don’t believe he won’t drive again. Then you have a drug dealer riding round the streets of Westcliff selling his drugs and getting 40 months in jail.

What is this world coming to? It seems drugs are more important than a life. I rest my case.

Sheila Fordham

Doggetts, Rochford

Take the time to get underpass right

Homes were knocked down (needlessly as it turned out) to build the underpass near Sutton Road and Porters Grange in the early 1970s.

To now suggest filling it in years later or to use it as an overspill to save the seafront from flooding is absolute madness and beyond belief.

It’s not that hard to scrutinise documents and the blame should whole heartedly lay on the shoulders of those that signed it off - ie the Conservative Party.

Four lanes of surface traffic at the height of summer, slowing at a roundabout would be a nightmare. Nobody wants a relaxing outside green open space where pollution will be worse than it is currently.

Surely engineers would be able to work out how to build over the top of the underpass while leaving it in situ, so we have the space above that will be needed without clogging up the roads with traffic.

It will be better to take time now to change the development regarding the layout of roads than have to rework it in five years’ time when councillors have realised that it does not work


Silverdale Avenue,  Westcliff

Did politicians really not understand? 

Having read carefully the article in the Echo, I find it hard to believe what I was reading about the pathetic excuses being put forward by both Labour and Tory councillors for the “misunderstanding” regarding the Queensway underpass.

We are talking about a scheme that will cost £500million but the final figure will most likely be completely different (higher) if the costings have been estimated by the same people who have been in anyway responsible for the plans.

Quite frankly, if Kevin Buck really did say his party did not understand what was within the final document they signed off this, to put it mildly, is embarrassing and they should all resign immediately and allow persons to take over who are capable of doing the job.

Not just the Tories, but all parties have come out of this – the biggest regeneration project ever for the town with little or no credit.  When candidates put themselves forward for election to represent their parties it would be nice to think that if elected they have the ability and understanding to make such important decisions that will affect us all without later making excuses and having the convenient get-out of blaming the other party. Surely on such a major project they should all work together. 

T BUTLER Crowborough Road, Westcliff

I will not be wearing a face mask

IN the Echo Comment, you say the options for shopping with a face mask on are you either conform or you don’t.  There is a third option and this is one that I will follow. That is shop online and not use high street shops until my civil liberties are not eroded.

DON WHITE, Coombewood Drive, Thundersley

Careful rest home had no deaths

I have listened to news reports and read the papers about deaths in rest homes.

Well I have one thing to say about the subject, and that is procedures should have been put in place as soon as lockdown was announced if not sooner.  People that I knew and have always had admiration for own a rest home in Westcliff. They put strict rules in place from the onset and guess what, not a single death.

These people who are suing the Government should think very carefully before doing so.  Following guidelines is one thing but common sense is another. Mind you, with the rest home I am talking about the management are very hands on, a part of the every day running of the establishment not like the ones owned by companies. I think that is the difference.

KB HUMPHRIES Archer Avenue,  Southend