Police bosses have issued an urgent warning discouraging anyone from attending illegal raves and unlicensed music events. 

A number of unauthorised parties have taken place across the country during the Covid-19 lockdown, and Essex Police have warned people "if you go to an illegal rave you're risking your life and those of your loved ones". 

This type of event risks the further spreading of Covid-19, while police also have concerns over "violence and drug taking". 

Unauthorised events also cause disruption to local communities who are not only disturbed by the noise and numbers of people attending, but are often left with rubbish and waste in their aftermath.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Prophet said: “We understand many people will want to go out and enjoy the good weather and the fact you can go out and do more things.

“But these events pose a very real risk to those attending and to our officers who have to deal with them.

“They could also cause additional pressure on the NHS through possible infections and as a county and as a nation we’ve spent the last few months working together to prevent that.

“Added to that is the possibility you could be targeted by criminals who we know go to these events.

“If you are planning on going to an illegal rave or an unlicensed music event I’d urge you to think again.”