Two homes were damaged after a shed caught on fire during an early morning blaze.

Firecrews rushed to the scene on Birch Close, Thundersley, today around 4.52am to find a shed which was situated between two semi-detached houses alight.

Crews desperately worked to extinguish the shed fire, which was so hot that heat from the flames smashed windows in the neighbouring properties.

Both homes suffered from damage to it's windows and fascias (a material on the roof) and smoke entered each house.

Home owners were thankfully alerted by the sound of the fire, which was fully extinguished by 6.11am, and managed to escape without injury.

The cause has been recorded as unknown.

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Watch Manager Mark Petty-Mayor, said: "They did exactly the right thing and got out, stayed out and called 999.

"The heat from the fire smashed some windows and smoke got into the houses. However, a number of internal doors had been closed in one of the properties which stopped the smoke from spreading.

"It is surprising how much difference it makes; it is worth closing doors as part of your bedtime routine to prevent the spread of fire and smoke."