Travellers have returned to a beauty spot after only leaving a month ago.

The group have pitched up at the Beacon Field car park in Basildon only a month after they left the site.

Around ten caravans are at the car park, off Dry Street in Langdon Hills which arrived around 9pm last night.

The land, managed by Thurrock Council, was left in ruin after the travellers moved on around June 15.

Piles of rubbish had been left behind, which included used nappies covered in faeces.

Volunteers were forced to clear up the rubbish days later.


Kerry Smith, deputy leader at Basildon Council, is frustrated at the return of the travellers, and called on Essex Police to move them on as soon as possible.

He said: "They need to be moved on as soon as possible.

"It needs a height restriction in place which is locked into position. This negates the need for a locked gate."

Basildon Council officials are carrying out a borough wide review of their parks and open spaces, to improve their security.

Essex Police and Thurrock Council have both been contacted for comment.