Travellers have hit out at the Government's blanket decision to include the Spanish islands in the isolation measures.

Teacher Zeta Hill, from Essex, has been on holiday in Majorca for 12 days and is due to fly back on Tuesday.

She said that, although she understood she had taken a risk by travelling, "there is no logic" to the decision to include the Balearic Islands in the announcement.

She told the PA news agency: "We are not on mainland Spain and cases on the islands have been really low.

"We haven't gone near the mainland. We feel so safe here."

The 35-year-old, from Essex, had booked the last-minute trip with her husband, Stuart, 51, after their Caribbean holiday was cancelled.

She said she felt the UK Government had "encouraged" travel with the announcement of the air-corridor system.

"We have been well-behaved and followed the rules, but then you look at people crowding the beaches in the UK a few weeks back and being really unsafe and there will have been no consequences for them," she added.

"This does not make any sense. If it made sense I would just accept it."