QUESTIONS are being asked about parental responsibility following the mass brawl in Chalkwell.

Southend Council deputy leader Ron Woodley said: “I think parents should always be aware of what their children are doing.

“I know sometimes 17 to 20-plus-year-olds can be deemed to be adults, but if they still live at home, parents must take some responsibility for their actions.

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“It’s a shame a minority of young people keep spoiling it for the majority, who did some really good deeds, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I wish they would take a step back and think this could have been them stabbed and ask themselves if this is really worth it? ‘

“Should I put myself in harm, not just violence-wise, but the probability of being infected with coronavirus, which I could take home to my parents and grandparents?”

He added: “Since the Government cut a lot of police numbers as well as public service personnel, we are under-resourced.

"We’ve given over our streets to criminals and antisocial behaviour incidents took over and to take it back we need more police officers.

"We need to reclaim our streets."