A MUM is celebrating her “little miracle” after she gave birth during lockdown ... following 12 miscarriages in 13 years.

Kim Pecha, from Basildon, wants to inspire other women struggling to conceive to not give up hope.

The 37-year-old started trying for baby number two not long after her daughter, Chloe, 13, was born.

But after several years of trying to fall pregnant, she was told she had polysitic ovaries.

After trying remedies, she fell pregnant, but sadly miscarried.


Ecstatic - Kim is over the moon

In total, Kim suffered a heartbreaking 12 pregnancies before giving birth to “little miracle Ollie” on April 28.

But it wasn’t smooth sailing for Kim who lost more than two litres of blood after haemorrhaging after a caesarian.

Kim told the Echo: “I had a massive haemorrhage which was scary and had to have a blood transfusion. I was induced at 38 weeks as I had gestational diabetes and was having contractions for three days.

“I was so tired and Ollie’s heart rate kept going up so in the end I had to have a c-section.

“The whole labour during lock down was hard as my husband, Michael, couldn’t be there until the end.”


Proud sister - Chloe with baby Ollie

After taking the homeopathic remedies Kim says she was “getting pregnant all the time” but I kept losing them.

Kim found out she had a blood condition and was prescribed with clexane, a blood thinner, before being put on progesterone.

The proud mum is now hoping others will continue trying to falling pregnant after reading her story.

She added: “I was started to think it was never going to happen and it was really emotional and hard seeing other people around me getting pregnant.


Happy - Ollie has brought joy to the Pecha family

“Every time I got pregnant I was happy but scared, and with Ollie even right up until he was born I was constantly checking to make sure everything was okay.

“I never gave up though and wasn’t going to until I heard a doctor actually said I couldn’t have kids.”