A baby tested positive for coronavirus ... just two days after being born.

Presley Dowdall was born at Basildon Hospital on May 11 but was rushed to the newborn intensive care unit due to being unable to breathe.

After showing improvements, the family suffered another blow as Presley, who weighed in at 6lb 7oz, was found to have Covid-19.

Mother Roxanne Dowdall, who was induced at 37 weeks due to signs of pre-eclampsia and obstetric cholestasis, admits the news sent shockwaves through the family.


Safe and well - the day Presley came home

The baby is no longer showing signs of having the deadly virus, and is believed to have made a full recovery.

Roxanne said: “It was such a shock and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“It felt like time had stood still and I was living someone else’s story.

“Before the news, it was like Presley had gone two steps forward. But then it felt as though he had gone 20 steps back.

“I remember feeling a sense of guilt.

“Why couldn’t I protect my newborn son?


Happy times - Presley has formed a close bond with sister Dixie since recovering from coronavirus

“I had a million questions going around in my head about how he could test positive.

“My test came back negative and neither me nor my husband held him when he was born because he was taken straight to NICU.”

Roxanne, husband Sam Dowdall and two-year-old daughter Dixie were all forced to quarantine with newborn Presley at their Basildon home following the diagnosis.

The setback, along with complications following the birth, resulted in Roxanne becoming paranoid and constantly worrying about her two youngsters.

She added: “Quarantining with a newborn and a two-year-old was tough.

“Because Presley was unable to breathe when he was born, I was consistently checking him and couldn’t take my husband’s word that he was fine.

“I had to check him myself.

“Then I felt bad that a lot of my time was going towards Presley and not sharing it equally with Dixie.”

While Covid-19 caused havoc for the Dowdall family, baby Presley has thankfully made a full recovery.

The newborn is no longer showing symptoms of the deadly virus.

But Roxanne is still unaware of how her son contracted coronavirus - a question which continues to linger in her mind.

She added: “Presley is doing amazing now.

“The bond he has with his big sister Dixie is great.

“He has a good routine and is so content.

“As parents, my husband Sam and I just had to put the situation of Presley having coronavirus to the back of our minds.

“We will never get a straight answer as to how or why he caught Covid-19 and it’s just an unanswered question we will have to live with.”