FOOD delivery specialist Deliveroo is on Southend seafront today to give out FREE £10 vouchers which can be used on the app... in return for filling a bucket with rubbish collected from the beach! 

The firm says it is committed to keeping seaside spaces litter free and feels compelled to do its part more.

Over the next three weekends, Deliveroo's 'Roocycle' is targeting five UK beaches to keep them clean as Brits flock to the shores for a summer holiday staycation.

First launched in 2018, a similar campaign celebrated the arrival of Deliveroo at nearly 100 beach and coastal locations.


It is backed by Clean Up Britain.

As Brits resign themselves to a summer at home, the search term ‘UK holiday’ has soared up 103 per cent compared to this time last year.

A study has also revealed 66 per cent of us are interested in booking a holiday in the UK this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

John Read, Founder at Clean Up Britain said: “Great to see Deliveroo cleaning up Britain's beaches - that's a really important and responsible thing to be doing.

"They are welcome to help us clean up the rest of Britain, when they've finished! It's not only beaches that are covered in litter, but, sadly, the whole of the country.

"I love having my pizza delivered by Deliveroo, and also ensuring the packaging is properly discarded. Let's make sure all of Deliveroo's customers do the same. Enjoy the fab food, but don't trash beautiful Britain."

Arabella Jenkins, from Deliveroo, said: “This is likely to be one of the strangest summers that many of us have experienced – we could all use a trip to the beach.

"Whilst we’re delivering food to beaches, it’s also important to us that we do our part to keep them clean. It’s only right that we get out there and help.”

The team was in Brighton last Friday while Edinburgh and Blackpool are next on the list.