Lockdown gave many of us a chance to do those DIY projects we’d been meaning to get on with for ages.

From back gardens, to bedroom overhauls, to sprucing up the living room, the Echo took a look into what you’ve all been up to.

Not everyone was lucky enough to make the most of the extra time, but with thousands of employees who have been furloughed, what better way to pass the time than take on some long overdue jobs around the house, many of which have ended up turning into a bit of a project.


Spare time - Dee Kasthuri-Hart’ husband was furloughed... so he spent his days sorting out an overgrown back garden

Jill Holland, said: “Despite these mad times and wanting to get back to normal, it’s been lovely to be able to have extra time with the family and do stuff to the house which we never usually have time to do!

“I’ve started to lose count of the amount of stuff I’ve ordered from Argos for the house and garden.”


Fantastic - Sonny Rigg built an outside bar for his mum and dad

Some of the end results are fantastic.

Lots of you made homes for your pets, from dog beds, to tortoise houses.


Prince Frank - a new outdoor bed for Lucy Nugent’s pooch

Having a bar in the garden seems to have been a firm favourite and we have loved watching some of your fantastic creations and garden transformations.

Tanya Mimpress, from Southend, certainly impressed us with her creativity – she completely transformed her kitchen floor with some funky handmade tile stickers and wall planters made from toilet rolls.


TLC - Mick Tanner freshened up his decking

She said: “It sweeps and mops like a dream.

“I made the wall planters from cardboard and bog rolls.”


Garden transformation - you wouldn’t believe they are the same garden! Danny Paul Gardner had a massive clear up making it the perfect place for kids to have a kickabout

Dee Kasthuri-Hart, said: “My husband was furloughed.

“We did the garden with social distanced help from his parents.”


Pets’ life - Peter Walker built a home for his cats and tortoises and one for his daughter’s new puppy, but this cat had other ideas


Creative - Tanya Mimpress made tile stickers to cover dreary beige tiles


Great work - Billie Jo Salter’s bathroom makeover