‘IDIOTIC’ horse owners were seen helping their animals cool off at a kids’ paddling pool at the beach... despite dogs being banned at the seafront hot spot.

Furious families blasted the men seen at Concord Beach pool on Canvey’s seafront on Wednesday, as children frolicked nearby in the July heatwave.

Parents and families raised concerns about possible health hazards and dangers, as well as pointing out their dogs are banned but others feel it’s suitable for horses.

More than 60 residents joined the conversation on Facebook about the horses at the pool.

One mother said: “This is getting a regular thing and happened twice this week and it should not be allowed. People park on the grass verges with their cars and horse boxes.”


Another posted: “No it’s not right, children go in there, don’t tell me a horse knows he must not empty his bladder or bowels. It’s disgusting and that is why they stopped dogs on beaches.”

Ray Howard MBE, former Tory Canvey councillor, shared the concerns from the parents.

He said: “I understand the anger from parents, horses carry dirt and that’s likely to end up in our paddling pool.

"The pool is needed so much and used by families especially when it’s hot and the tide is out.

Echo: Concord Beach pool Concord Beach pool

“I wouldn’t like to see horses in the pool if I was there with my grandchildren.

"These people who took the horses into the water did not think about the health risks, it looks like they were cooling off their animals but this is no excuse at all.

“This is not a good idea and especially when our seafront is busy due to the hot weather.”

Norman Smith, Tory leader of Castle Point Council, said the authority takes these things seriously.

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He said: “I think this shows irresponsibility which is a shame as most horse riders are very responsible people. It is very disappointing that people would do this.

“I fully understand the frustration by families and it’s not surprising they feel this way.

“We keep dogs off the beach and this area for obvious reasons and have signs about that but who would think someone would take horses there?

“We will ensure our wardens are being extra vigilant and if the issue persists residents must tell the council.”