Last week in memories we brought you a gallery of nostalgic adverts from the 1940s and 1950s.

Today we’ve dug out some post war adverts to capture your interest.


The ads here all appeared in the Southend and County Pictorial newspaper in 1948. The war was still raw, rationing was still rife and it was being called the ‘age of austerity’.

Among the adverts are several promotions for shops that once graced bustling Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff – Selwrights fashion store, Bermans children’s outfitters and Fishers fur coat specialists.


An ad for Currys of Southchurch Road is also featured to promote the electrical store’s ‘magnificent radio fair’.

Readers with a taste for travel were also being encouraged to attend a ‘South Africa exhibition’ set to be held at the Kursaal’s Pillar Hall as well as a mobile exhibition celebrating the RAF which was also coming to Southend.


Fulcreem Custard – one of the most popular desserts of the time – was also attempting to entice readers with a picture advert which can be seen in our gallery.

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