A BOY who stabbed his sister’s boyfriend after allegations of cheating has been handed a rehabilitation order.

The 15-year-old boy, from the Southend area, received his sentence on Friday at Basildon Crown Court, nearly two years after he carried out the knife attack in an alleyway.

The attacker cannot be named for legal reasons.

On August 13, 2018, the boy, aged 13 at the time, had gone with his older sister and her friend to meet his sister’s boyfriend, who was 16 at the time, in Southend.

When the victim met them, he was accused by the two girls of inappropriate activity with another girl, an accusation which was never found to have any substance to it.

The victim wanted to leave the group, but they said if he did, they would shout “rapist” at him, forcing him to stay.

The group then walked along an alleyway near Christchurch Road, with the two girls still expressing anger due to the accusation.

Richard Scott, prosecuting, said: “He saw the boy running towards him and then moved forwards and felt a sharp pain in the back, and knew at that stage he had been stabbed.

“He felt further blows and ran off screaming saying he had been stabbed and pushed past the girls. A car stopped to help him. The driver’s friend called the ambulance while she gave his wounds first aid.”

Mr Scott said the boy had cried out “they tricked me, they set me up” as he was being helped and he had stab wounds to his back, shoulder and upper left arm.

Mitigating, Lucy Sweetland told the court the boy, who admitted causing grievous bodily harm without intent, has recognised mental disorders including communication disorder, and that he found it “difficult to cope” with the “upsetting” information he received on the day.

Sentencing, Judge Samantha Leigh said: “There was a conversation going because it was thought he had done something with another girl but there was no substantiation there whatsoever. Going through the reports, the court is driven to the position that for this offence there will be a 24 month youth rehabilitation order.”

She added: “I don’t want to see you here again.”