Traveller caravans have pitched up on a field next to a well-loved sports centre.

The encampment, which has been set up on the Gloucester Park field next to Basildon Sporting Village on Cranes Farm Road, is believed to have arrived yesterday around 11am (Sunday August 2).

Authorities have been made aware of the encampment, with around 18 caravans pitching up on the site, and are working to deal with the matter.

It comes after travellers "took over" the Beacon Field car park, off Dry Street in Langdon Hills, in early June.

It has been suggested the arrivals could be the same group, although this has not yet been confirmed.

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Basildon Mayor Councillor David Burton-Sampson, said: "Just to let you know we are aware of the illegal traveller encampment on the field next to Basildon Sporting Village and the appropriate authorities are dealing with the matter."