A THIEF with four aliases who stole a bizarre selection of items including a vacuum cleaner has been jailed for more than six months.

Luke Roskams has been locked away for a string of thefts which he carried out during a three week spree around Westcliff and Southend.

The 30-year-old who lives in Seaforth Road, Westcliff, raided a BP Garage in Westcliff on five separate occasions in June and July this year.

During his first theft, Roskams stole various meat products worth a total of £47 on June 22.

Three days later, on June 25, he returned to the same store and stole six bottles of champagne, worth £177.

On July 4, he returned and stole six bottles again, but this time it was a combination of Prosecco and champagne, worth a total of £101.

He came back again on July 7 and stole more meat, worth £66, before returning one last time on July 11 and stole four more bottles of Prosecco, worth £66.

Four days later, Roskams visited The Range store in Short Street, Southend, and stole a vacuum cleaner, which was worth £79.99.

He was later caught by police after being identified by staff and footage of the incidents.

Roskams’ reasoning for stealing the strange collection of items has not been made clear.

He appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court on July 27 where he admitted six counts of theft, which in total, came to £534 worth of stolen goods.

The court was told Roskams lived under a number of different names, including Luke Brownlie, Luke Alexander Hodges, “Spawn” and “Tazz”.

The magistrates bench said that Roskams’ offending was serious enough he must be sent to prison immediately.

They said his crimes had been aggravated by a very long record of similar offences committed throughout his life.

For the thefts from the BP garage, Roskams was given six weeks in jail on each, to run consecutively.

He was given a four week sentence for stealing the vacuum cleaner from The Range.

This totals 34 weeks in prison.

He will serve at least half of this before he is eligible to be released.