SIXTY storage containers - some of which holding fireworks - caught fire at an industrial yard.

Firefighters were rushed to Romford Road in Aveley last night at 9.36am, sending six fire engines and specialist vehicles.

Around 60 containers were involved in the fire. The contents of the containers is unknown, but there is evidence that a number of them contain fireworks.

A safety corden was quickly established around the incident and Essex Police assisted in evacuating the immediate area.

At 1.30am, firefighters at the scene have reported that they are using a drone to get an overview of the fire and incident ground.

The crews kept their distance when monitoring the fire due to the unknown contents of the containers, and Romford Road was closed to all traffic as a safety precaution.

Firefighters used high volume pumps and built water dams near to the fire to assist with the water supply.

By 5am the danger zone had reduced and everyone evacuated returned to their homes. Four fire engines remained at the scene.

By 6.30am the fire was significantly reduced but crews warned due to the amount of water used residents may see an increase of smoke in the area.

A spokesman for Essex Fire Service said: "Firefighters are urging everyone to continue to avoid the area while they tackle the fire. It is expected that firefighters will at the scene for the rest of the day."