TRAVELLERS have driven two miles across Basildon and set up camp in a park ... only hours after being booted out of a leisure centre.

The group, which now reportedly totals 30 caravans, drove across the town from Basildon's Sporting Village to the Great Berry park in Langdon Hills.

The travellers were seen moving in convoy to the park last night, moments after being given a Section 61 order by police.

This comes despite sources inside Basildon Council claiming the group had been told by officers yesterday don't come back to Basildon for 28 days.

This same group were reportedly at Beacon Field Country Park in Langdon Hills earlier in July, days after driving up the A127 from Southend Rugby Club.


Gavin Callaghan, the leader of Basildon Council, said last night: "Illegal encampments on Gloucester Park now cleared.

"Took far, far too long for the police to enforce this. The council has relayed this to the District Commander today.

"I’m aware more encampments may crop up in the hours to come but we are out and about watching our public green spaces."

The Echo was told yesterday Basildon Council cannot afford to stop travellers entering parks

Basildon Council and Essex Police have both been contacted for comment.