A FAMILY has issued an update on a beloved woman who was left fighting for her life after being hit by a crane.

Shannon Brasier was hit by a crane on a site in Southchurch Boulevard, Southend which left her in a coma.

The 20-year-old, who works for Ace Demolition, was rushed to A&E and remains at the Royal London Hospital, and now her family have shared an update on her progress since last week.

She suffered a brain injury, severe damage to her facial bones, and a broken back.

Kain Cawdron, one of the people who started an online fundraiser to help the family with hospital visits – which has so far raised more than £4,000 – said: “Shannon is still fighting a very strong battle with her injuries at the moment.


“A little bit of positivity that I can share with you all is that she is still critically ill but stable and has remained this way for the past four days since the incident took place last Tuesday.

“The first few hours was truly heart breaking not only the thought of the unknown but we didn’t know if we was going to lose her because that was what they were preparing us for as well as brain damage.

“We still don’t know the extent of her injuries or if this will be a life time thing or life and death situation but, I can happily say that Shannon is stable and her swelling has calmed down a huge amount also her stitching has been done lovely they have cleaned her up and washed her hair.

“Overall as a family we are happy with the situation right now and we’re all still keeping her in our prayers every night and every day because she is still very poorly.

“Shannon has got many broken bones in her face and her upper back lower neck, and some cuts over her body from her shoulders up.

“Other than that her body is still in full working order and her not been damaged or affected thankfully. Shan is still currently under a lot of medication and still remains in an induced coma on life support.”

A probe has been launched into the incident and police detectives have arrested a 55-year-old man on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, who has since been released under investigation.

On August 15 at 6pm, the family will be holding a balloon release over Central Park near the Civic Centre in Dagenham, where Ms Brasier is from.

All friends and family are welcome to attend.

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