CAMPAIGNERS’ demands for a no-drinking zone at a beauty spot have won the support of MP Sir David Amess.

Sir David Amess, Conservative MP for Southend West, has backed a petition to create the zones in Old Leigh after a spike in anti-social behaviour.

It comes after an increase in incidents of youths gathering for booze-fuelled parties in the Old Town which prompted resident Ron Sverdloff to start the campaign.

Furious residents now want action following incidents where revellers and daytrippers left huge amounts of waste in Old Leigh after enjoying the warm weather.

They fear it will get worse as lockdown eases further.

Sir David said: “There have been an increasing number of complaints from constituents about people

drinking in public places in Leigh, and then engaging in anti-social behaviour.

“This is not acceptable, not least for people who live in Old Leigh.

“I know the police are working hard to reduce the problems, and I have visited the area with members of the local police to see what they are doing to help resolve the problems.

“One of my constituents, Ron Sverdloff, has started a petition to turn Old Leigh into an ‘alcohol free zone’.

“I entirely support this, and am doing all I can to assist in this plan.”

It follows an incident in June where officers were called to High Street, Leigh, on Friday night after hundreds of people had gathered, loud music was playing and bottles were being thrown, sparking a police dispersal order to stop gangs meeting in large gatherings.

The online petition has so far attracted support from more than 1,200 angry residents and campaigners who are demanding action to stop their lives being made a misery.

Peter Wexham, Southend Lib Dem councillor representing Leigh ward, said: “I think something needs to be done about this as it happens every summer but this year it has been extra bad.

“Even when the pubs were shut earlier this year, there were people drinking, shouting and leaving their

rubbish and residents feel they are shut in doors until the crowds have left.

“I think it’s a difficult issue but something needs to be sorted and this petition could help push for some change.”