SUPERMARKET giant Tesco has been forced to shut part of its car park to stop antisocial yobs from wreaking havoc until 3am.

Bosses at Tesco Extra, off High Road, Pitsea, will now close part of their car park which falls underneath the flyover because yobs have been revving their engines, blaring out loud music and causing disruption well into the early hours of the morning.

Despite rules stating drivers should not enter the area from 7pm until re-opening the next day and the threat of three penalty points and a £100 fine, young drivers have continued to ignore complaints and have been entering the area through the exit instead.

Luke Mackenzie, Pitsea South East councillor, said: “It’s become a major problem.

Boy racers have been doing their meet ups in the car park there, revving their engines and playing music until 3am.

You can sometimes even hear them over the other side of Pitsea.

“To try and stamp it out, Tesco decided to try and close their entrance but people have been driving in the exit.

"This behaviour is completely unacceptable- there have been complaints about this since December but it seems it’s worsened over the summer and lockdown."

Fellow councillor Craig Rimmer added: “It’s really frustrating for residents who are leaving their windows open, especially at night where it’s so hot. People have even reported hearing it from Vange and the Chalvedon Estate, and it’s often used as a starting off point to race around other estates too.

“One lady also received abuse from racers when they drove past her house, after she posted on social media asking if anyone had heard the noise.”

Mr Rimmer suggested using a public spaces protection order to deter the drivers, or using alligator spikes at the exit to allow cars to leave but not to enter.

A spokesperson from Essex Police, said: “We’ve received numerous reports from residents about large groups of cars regularly meeting in the car park at Tesco Pitsea resulting in loud noise.

“We had received reports that vehicles are using the exit to enter the car park after the entry has been blocked.”

The drivers of six vehicles found in the car park on Monday were issued with fines.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “To avoid large gatherings of cars at night in the car park at our Basildon Pitsea Extra store, we will be closing the entrance to the section of the car park under the A13 every evening at 7pm. Customers will still be able to park at the front of the store.”